Websites Are Dead! PageYourself Tells Us Why and Offers the Solution with Its Revolutionary New f-Site

Paris, France (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

Creating a website is not an easy mission – far from it. First Small and Medium business owners have to imagine how it could look, determine their goals, design it, learn how to code it Then comes the challenge of finding a decent domain name that’s not yet taken, followed by endless hours spent figuring out how to host and connect their domain ahead of the website going live.

Its not yet finished! After all that, they have to promote it in order to attract visitors, and when they finally land on their page they don’t do anything as there’s nothing to engage them, so they leave. With any luck Google will start to bring traffic in 3 to 6 months, providing they’ve done their SEO job well. They hope… Websites traffic started – for the first year in history – to decline in 2012.

PageYourself’s revolutionary “f-Site”, the first website within Facebook, addresses these problems head on, offering simple solutions for the Small and Medium business owners:

They get started by choosing from one of the many pre-designed business templates, each fully customisable.
They customize their “f-Site” and define their image / visual identity without any fuss using the simple drag & drop design tool. Fully integrated CSS engine included.
Publishing this “f-Site” takes only 2 clicks; their new website will be live on their Facebook page in no time, with no need to register or connect a domain.
They maximise their marketing potential with unlimited access to a vast array of Apps: slideshows, video channels and newsletter mailings as well run Facebook contests and sweepstakes that engage their users. Traffic to their page increases and loyal fan community grows.
Small and Medium business owners collect the data they need by converting these fans into leads, enabling them to build user profiles and contact their community directly via email whilst addressing their exact areas of interest. More business potential.

With the creation of the “f-Site”, PageYourself redefines the traditional website and gives the power back to Small and Medium Business owners. Without the complications of web design, coding, domain ownership and marketing, the possibilities are endless. Business grows and receives the success it deserves.

“Websites are pretty hard to create, or they cost a lot of money to design and maintain, and for what? In the end they dont generate traffic unless businesses continuously invest in advertising. Now theres another way!” says Nicolas Fayon, CEO of PageYourself.

About PageYourself

PageYourself was first launched in November 2013 in San Francisco, USA, and has its headquarters in Paris, FRANCE. Over this past year, the start-up has recorded phenomenal growth with over 900% increase in users such as Motorola and just hit 50,000 companies using the service. The mechanism PageYourself developed is well appreciated by companies of all sizes: it helps to engage and grow a community, to turn simple visitors and fans into leads (user profiles) and to maximize business opportunities.

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