Implements Metamend Search Engine Optimization Technology

Victoria, BC (PRWEB) May 3, 2003 –

Metamend today announced it has engaged an alliance to provide the firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) technology to Inc. of Victoria, British Columbia. is one of Canada’s fastest growing Web Hosting and Managed Server Providers. WeDoHosting plans to implement Metamend’s SEO solutions within its existing lineup of popular e-commerce hosting packages. They will also become a reseller of Metamend SEO services via their existing client base.

The Metamend SEO solution utilizes proprietary search engine optimization technology to analyze and code web pages for maximum indexing relevance within the world’s top search engines. The system can analyze a web site’s textual content within seconds to produce an optimized set of keywords and meta tags. The ‘mended’ pages are then submitted to search engines. The process enhances a site’s visibility and its ability to attract qualified traffic from search engine users.

The company recently introduced a new SEO tool which codes a web site with a specialized meta tag depicting the site’s latitude and longitude coordinates, thus enabling it to be found using location-based searches via wireless devices. This newest SEO innovation has raised its share of eyebrows across the IT spectrum, as jockeying for position within the lucrative world of wireless location-based marketing, begins to take shape.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer Metamend’s search engine optimization products to our clients,” stated Lyle Macgregor,’s, Operations Manager “Frequently, our clients are able to have their site designed and hosted, however only a small fraction have been able to successfully promote themselves online. With this new service offering, our client-base will now have access to pursue more aggressive online marketing opportunities. Client retention is key in the Web Hosting Industry,” continued Macgregor. “Clients want to find themselves in the search engines and they want potential customers to find them too. The addition of Metamend’s SEO products will help us to help our clients succeed.”

We welcome the addition of WeDoHosting as a reseller and alliance partner,” said Metamend CEO, Richard Zwicky. “They have an A-1 facility, and are growing very rapidly. Our portfolio of alliances and partnerships continues to expand as more Web Hosting firms recognize the true value and benefits of outsourcing SEO and web-based marketing services. This type of ASP business model simply makes good economic sense for them,” says Zwicky. “Being found in the Search Engines is still the single most critical component of any online marketing campaign for ecommerce. We are very pleased to ensure this reality will be provided to’s clients.”

About Metamend

Metamend specializes in the development and integration of search engine optimization, marketing and web site promotion technologies, strategies and solutions. Corporations, independent web site operators, hosting firms and world leading e-commerce service providers have implemented Metamend’s innovative search engine optimization solutions.

About WeDoHosting. Inc. is one of Western Canada’s largest shared and managed web hosting providers. Hosting professionally since 1999, currently operates and manages over 120 shared and dedicated web hosting servers. With cost-competitive products and industry leading support performance, continues to experience steady growth, allowing the company to introduce enhanced additional services on an ongoing basis.

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