Week in Ideas: Daniel Akst

Week in Ideas: Daniel Akst
That's the finding of new research using brain scans—functional magnetic-resonance imaging, to be exact—to assess people's responses to affection or violence toward robots. Researchers in Germany recruited 14 volunteers and found that humans …
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Sorry, Killer Robots: Campaign Aims to Stop You – Mashable
So you thought a Terminator-like future of metal machines mowing each other down on battlefields sounded pretty cool, did you? Well, wipe that smile off your face, fleshy one. Killer robots are a real threat to our future and must be outlawed now …
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More Robots, More Safety/Marketing Concerns – MedPage Today
Reports of complications from robot-assisted surgery are rising, according to Massachusetts health officials who sent hospitals an “advisory” letter last week alerting them about their safety concerns. In some cases, it appears that doctors have used …
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