1. All a true boxer and athlete like Rigondeaux gotta do is run more and hone defensive and movement skills, which Cuban boxers get drilled into their heads since the first day they start. Last night Rigondeaux made NONITO look like d amateur n d unexperienced one! So go ahead and keep doing what you do, which is talking, and we’ll keep doing what we do best… WINNING! Team Rigondeaux! WHO’S NEXT?!

  2. Not to mention when you then go to a competition held on a global scale, such as it is the Olympics, and every country involved is throwing their best amateur boxer at you, and ALL of them fall short. So don’t talk to me about Amateur being so much inferior to professional boxing. It can be, but not always. A fighter is a fighter man. The only essential difference between professional and amateur boxing is that there is head gears and more rounds. Continued…

  3. When you have as many fights as Rigondeaux does, and the number of wins under his belt, it is simply undeniable that this guy is one of the top fighters of the world. When you think about total fights really, one is left thinking “who has NONITO fought really?” When he gets to pick and choose his opponents at the professional level, and in the amateurs, SPECIALLY in Cuba, you have to fight whomever they put in front of you. Continued…

  4. Wrong! Loving dis. Same thing happened when Rigondeaux was gonna fight Ramos. Ramos’s team kept talking bout “this is the professionals”, “not amateurs”. Amateur don’t count. Well gues what? WRONG! We are not talking an amateur who fell flat and came back with silver or bronze. This is a two time gold winner with over 400 fights. Do you know how may boxers this guy has gone against to and defeated?! It DOES count. It counts for experience and it counts towards mastering a craft. Continued….

  5. i knew all along rigo would tax donaire ass i said it all along, tstreet is like all other casual boxing fans, he only roots for the POPULAR guy LOL. donaire got his ass kicked tstreet you band wagon jumper LOL

  6. i see rigo frustrating nonito with his technique and hand speed that nonito never seen before. nonito got sooooo used to fighting straight foward punch bags with no speed or skill he aint gonna be prepared for a slick guy like Rigo

  7. Rigo gonna tax that nonito ass just watch. rigo too technical for nonito, nonito been fightn straight foward punching bags with no skill for the past 4 yrs. rigo gonna counter nonito to death all night

  8. Should be a good one. Not taking anything away from Donaire but his soft diet of tomato cans is coming to an end. Rigo is better than his last 3 opponents combined. Not saying Rigo is gonna win but he will test Nonito.

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