Weird: Google Chrome Angry Birds Ad

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11 Responses to Weird: Google Chrome Angry Birds Ad

  1. mike011235357 says:

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  2. mike011235357 says:

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  3. Edi Setiyarto says:

    google tetap oke dan oke banget

  4. Miri0mouse says:

    the purple one looks like Leonard from Big Bang Theory

  5. FuckingPurpleOcelot says:

    how is this weird?

  6. supanun1 says:

    are you angry peter? you look angry lol made me laugh

  7. legomovieman94 says:

    This is the only advert on Youtube that I don’t click the “Skip This Ad” button for.

  8. Tomppah2 says:

    Haha, didn’t quite get your comment first, then googled it.. Are you referring to ‘Adventure Time’? 😛

  9. MakingWavesOnline says:

    This reminds me of Phoenix games Animal Soccer lol

  10. TheChall3nger says:

    This is literally the best…

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