Weird Items That Sell on Ebay List | Make Money with Ebay | Things People don’t know that SELL Unknown items that Sell on Ebay. These are some things you can sell on ebay if you are having trouble finding Ebay items to sell. Even if you have been doing Ebay for years I bet you will learn something from this video. How to sell lots on ebay. You can make money on the side with Ebay. You might even be able to cover some of your bills by selling on Ebay. RedNeckPicker
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16 thoughts on “Weird Items That Sell on Ebay List | Make Money with Ebay | Things People don’t know that SELL

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  3. hey you got two dollars, right? LOL. I think that depends on how long the merchandise has been sitting. If you just put it out no need to give it away but if it were headed for “Mr. Bobo’s Table”… remember that episode of Cheers where Sam donated a jersey to a local telethon and nobody wanted it? “Mr. Bobo” was like this monkey who used to trash the junk merchandise. That was the ultimate humility and ever since I worked in retail I’d laugh at stuff saying it was headed for Mr. Bobo’s Table!

  4. I don’t have a lot of experience selling to “black guys in the hood” but I’m trying to figure out where you proved me wrong as you didn’t say you sold them a box of broken remote controls. Even if you did since remotes are 1-2 dollars and can fit 20-30 to a box not seein’ where you’d turn a profit there but hey…. some good profit items I’ve been seeing lately include NIB countertop water filtration units. BTW not that I care much but try and tone down the racism thing- kinda ugly.

  5. In one of your videos you mentioned about how to get FREE shipping stuff from the US Postal Service (USPS). You were bank on right!!!! I’ve ordered several boxes, and much more…all for FREE. Thanx For Your Help.

  6. I’m watching you Katie. I’ve checked out like 4 videos now. You have good tips. Thanks for them. I hope you like a couple of my tips. Did I help at all? I want to share back, because you are sharing, & caring. I remember that White Stripes song years ago, that said in the lyrics, “everyone stopped sharing, so i stopped caring, whoa oh!, on the ground & laying, but nobodys praying, whoa oh!” I always look for others that are out there “sharing”. It’s so rare.

  7. I sold broken dvd players, broken electronics, broken routers, broken computer parts, to black dudes in the hood. One guy paid me like 30 bux, or 25 bux for a box of stuff. You are so wrong. Black guys in the hood will buy so much stuff, that you would never think. Just box it all up, tell them it’s broken, & try and get 20-40 bux out of em, and let em jew you down. Take whatever for it. This one mexican guy was terrible. I hate cheap jew motherfuckers.

  8. I had a whole box of drum sticks, clocks, good things, he goes, how about 50 cents, for the whole box? I caved in that day. I just wanted to get rid of all these old but brand new drum sticks I had, + other things in a box, I said like 20 bux or something. He goes, how about 50 cents? I said no. He goes how about 2 dollars? I got mad, but I caved just to get rid of it. Then he as the nerve to go, “well at least you got something for it riiight?” I hate wheeler and dealers like that.

  9. I didn’t care about the baseball. I never even concidered it, but the thing I didn’t care about, sold!?!? One mans trashe is anothers treasure, however, my resale shop is “high end”. Alot of people in America sell junk. That’s fine, knock yourself out. I must make it crystal clear however, I have really good resale stuff, hand picked, for “years”. Stuff worth 1000s. I even have a blue & gold macaw for sale for 1600 now. asap, moving sale. estate, close to chicago. everyone come get h.e.

  10. I had a box of tools, I found in the garbage, there was nails, rusted parts, screws, bolts, and an old baseball in there. Some boy wonder mexican guy that smiled, was a man, but looked like a 12 year old sandlot playing mexican that smiled at me, and picked out 2 tools, and said how much? I said $20, he goes $10, I said ok, then he smiled and picked up the old baseball, & said how much? for my dog. his two mexican manly friends laughed at him & thought he was nuts. trashe is treasure to 2.

  11. anything will sell in the ghetto, or hood. you are wrong. you won’t make a lot of money for it, but i’ve sold a “broken guitar” before for like 10 bux in the hood before. it was a smashed old acoustic guitar, that a friend gave me, he had it sitting in his house for years, ha ha. a crazy black guy bought it from me.

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