Welcome to New York City, city guide (original DVD 60min.)

Welcome to New York City, city guide (original DVD 60min.)

City guide of New York narrated in English. www.creativesystemservices.net
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Welcome to New York City, city guide (original DVD 60min.)

  1. crutch4life says:

    Cant wait til I go november 17th

  2. weedcaribe says:

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  3. Jakesoky says:

    Proud to Be living here :)

  4. ayman asous says:


  5. azzzzozozozozoz says:

    Love it >>>>>> (-:

  6. TheNadinegirl says:

    My greatest wish is to live :(in new york i hope they have a nice time in new york :/

  7. supermido1995 says:

    first of uae isn’t a city secondly why is Dubai is in the first place? I thought that you guys hate middle east and consider us retarded savages and terrorists :) what’s your nationality

  8. GreatCentralUK says:

    Want to know more about whats happening in the world, take a look at this: /watch?v=N0JDVddYWMg&list=LLuK­­Zgw_DitK3MqwvlLHggJw&feature=­m­h_lolz A video of Gerald Celente.

  9. lewiskingmackenzie says:

    Mutha fucking yellow taxis!!!

  10. lewiskingmackenzie says:

    For me the best cities are: 1) dubai, UAE 2) nyc 3) london

  11. Ryan Ng says:

    Obviously, so fucking HUGE no homo

  12. Ryan Ng says:

    Flatiron Building= me

  13. kat55ify says:


  14. gillianderek8 says:

    better save up money

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