Welcome to Turn & Burn – Digital and Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

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18 Responses to Welcome to Turn & Burn – Digital and Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

  1. Theresa Ferrera says:

    Were eager 4 more xDxD

  2. Greg Ruben says:

    my thumb has never been in a straighter position, deffo I’m subscribing :)

  3. Freddie Murphy says:

    W.O.W. – Wondrous Olympic Work 😉

  4. George Billmann says:

    Videos of this nature are ‘essential’ for restaurants and their costumers. Many thanks, keep creating a lot more!

  5. Jake Adamsky says:

    How cool is that?!

  6. Maria McMillan says:

    NICELY DONE! You have just gained yourself a new subscriber.

  7. Julian Frazier says:

    outstanding, amazing & interesting!

  8. Zahira Quarel says:

    Everyone should watch it at least once in their lifetime and then make an opinion.

  9. Zara Ward says:

    This is the reason why somebody has invented word PERFECT :-))))))))

  10. Alberta Kurtyl says:

    Those episodes are the most wonderful thing Ive ever saw on YouTube so far about digital marketing for restaurants. Thumbs up!

  11. Paul Aidan says:

    Guys, honestly I could easily sit in the train with my iPhone and watch this YT clip for hours ! Honestly, do 300 min version of this one haha

  12. Victor Hammond says:

    Good and simply splendid

  13. Maggie Benett says:

    Thats a wonderful clip 😀

  14. Ryan Reid says:

    Like my comment if you re sharing this video on Fb wall

  15. Francis Flint says:

    hey buddy, all your vids are incredible… Must say two things: I am amazed and expect to get more from you very soon

  16. Martin Funghi says:

    the actual reason why am I actually playing this video ! ? !

  17. Greg Luck says:

    Best social marketing channel ive seen lately…you deserve an award!

  18. Michelle Oruses says:

    Amazing. I got nothing else to say.

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