'We're being screwed': photographers and designers vent over 'stolen' images

'We're being screwed': photographers and designers vent over 'stolen' images
Colquhoun discovered the plagiarism using Google's "Search by Image" and TinEye's "Reverse Image Search". "Complete and utter disbelief" … photographer Naomi Frost. Photographer Naomi Frost had a photo of hers used on shirts sold at Lowes.
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A Free Database of the Entire Web May Spawn the Next Google
TinEye, a “reverse” search engine that finds images similar to one provided by the user, made use of early Common Crawl data to get started. One programmer's personal project using Common Crawl data to measure how many of the Web's pages connect to …
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The Manti Te'o Hoax Means Everyone Now Knows What A 'Catfish' Is
Use TinEye or Google Image Search. You just might find that the love of your life is actually a stock model photo. Savvy catfish might make this difficult though. Deadspin says that the images of Manti's love interest Lennay Kekua “had been modified in …
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