19 Replies to “West Virginia Yahoo Caught On Camera | Mountain Monsters”

  1. Okay these guys may be rednecks however i don’t see any of us out there actively researching these creatures. But the main reason why i watch this show is the videos and pictures that are shown. Most of the time it is way better evidence then they will catch. And it just goes to show you that these creatures are out there. And are fucking huge.

  2. the A.I.M.S TEAM=Entertaining, idiotic, adults chasing their imaginations.. this show is like walking through a haunted house w bad actors… STAGED!! awesome acting though.. all the redneck expressions are the best part of the show.. lmao 

  3. i live in wv and people all the time talk about not going into the deep woods. across from my house ( in a large town subdivision) we hearing screaming and breaking of material such as tree limbs. im thinking its a bob cat but animals have been missing.

  4. i like how hughe from ice road truckers, lookalike, became the researcher just because he had the notepad and pen. and also how every monster sounds the same some lazy sound editor :}

  5. At first i though it was cool but after 2 episodes ik it was all bs… not to mention their acting skills. The evidence is the best part in the entire show. They never catch or get a clear shot of the “monster” the evidence is by far more clear sometimes than theirs. Btw who in the f yells giberish when hunting a “monster” and they always yell when they “See it” yet we dont nor show us footage just sounds, gun fire, and roar effects. Best part is having an extra follow them w a camera w a giant flashlight and sometimes set up a hot object in the woods and have them yell “monster”. Bring monsters and mysteries back its far better than this.

  6. I like some of the videos also but I don’t understand if they deem these creatures dangerous why don’t they shoot. My guess we’ll never know because the program itself is made to look like real hunters miss all the time and the creatures always get away. Go figure !!!

  7. This show designates the official demise of American society. Anyone who participates, observes, or endorses in any way any portion of this production is guilty of treason. Is there no limit to the shame that a person will go through to appear on camera? These people should be ashamed of themselves. Actually, the PRODUCERS should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of these simple morons. The morons don’t know any better. The producers should. 

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