Westchester Public Relations Agency Replaces ROI with Benchmark Targets Measuring Engagement

Hartsdale, NY (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

Cut-It-Out Communications, Inc. (http://www.cioediting.com), a Westchester public relations agency, today announced it is adding new targets to its website strength benchmarks based on key information garnered from Google Analytics and Search Engine News.

The companys targets represent achievable statistics the company has culled from its experience with clients in real estate, political communications, mortgage banking and educational products. Companies can measure their own progress towards these numbers by installing Google Analytics on their website and using the site strength indicator at Search Engine News.

Willy Gissen, President of Cut-It-Out Communications, said, “With so many ranking tools out there, it is hard to know what statistics are important and what the results mean. Thats why we are publicizing our targeting goals, as a public service and to give companies a realistic perspective based on our experience.

Mr. Gissen went on to contrast traffic and engagement on client websites. Traffic determines how many people visit the site while engagement concerns what they do when they get there. He then cited the statistical goals directly and where to find them:

Google PageRank of 3 (Search Engine News)

Traffic: 200+ unique visitors per month (Google Analytics)

Inbound links (backlinks): 500 or more (Search Engine News)

Bounce Rate (visiting one page and then leaving): Below 80 percent (Google Analytics)

Average page views per visit: 1.75 (Google Analytics)

Average time onsite: 1:45 minutes (Google Analytics)

Mr. Gissen is certified in advanced search engine marketing and local search by the Search Engine Academy and Planet Ocean Communications respectively. He also submitted a monthly column on Westchester public relations and marketing for the countys business journal (http://www.cioediting.com/westchester-public-relations-column.asp), wrote a series of articles about PR and business development (http://www.cioediting.com/media_content_provision.asp) and maintains a daily blog at http://www.cioediting.com/wordpress.

For more information, please email info(at)cutitoutcommunications(dot)com or call 914-723-7212.

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