Westchester Turns To Robot To Scare Away Geese

Westchester Turns To Robot To Scare Away Geese
She praised the county parks department for turning to the little robot in its efforts to get rid of geese who foul grassy fields with their droppings. Last summer, the county rounded up and killed 500 geese at a Yonkers golf course and turned the …
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This Adorable iPhone Robot Brings 'Toy Story' To Real Life
Romotive is the startup behind "Romo" – a device that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an interactive robot on wheels. You can control Romo from anywhere in the world using any other smart device, or a browser. That means Romo can essentially act …
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Insert Coin semifinalist: cSpring bipedal robot wants to 'level the playing
Check out this Mac-headed robot. It's the cSpring Biped Educational Development Kit from the folks at the similarly-named Cognitive Spring team. According to its creators, the 'bot is an attempt to "level the playing field between universities …
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