Westman homes rank highest in the country for radon

Westman homes rank highest in the country for radon
Brandon — More than 40 per cent of homes in the Prairie Mountain Health region contain higher than accepted levels of radon. Erin Crawford, with the Canadian Cancer Society's Manitoba Division, said because of its soil composition, Manitoba homes are …
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UAE ranks high for affordable mobile service
ABU DHABI // Domestic broadband internet in the UAE is among the most expensive in the region and the country ranks only 55th worldwide for broadband affordability. Kuwait provides the best service and the UAE also falls behind Qatar, Oman and Bahrain …
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The definitive ranking of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials
One of the greatest gifts of 2014 is Matthew McConaughey's collaboration with Lincoln to sell cars using existentialism. This week, Lincoln debuted two new commercials, two new performances. It still ranks high for McConaughey in a year marked by True …
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