Whamett Nuhts Robot Showcase

Whamett Nuhts Robot Showcase

Starring my RA2 Bots: Hunter, Chuzzle, WARNING!, Mad Dog, Pressure, Weird Alice & High Flyer.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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15 Responses to Whamett Nuhts Robot Showcase

  1. helloface001 says:

    Weeebadabada bope!

  2. Fruitsommer2 says:

    hunter looks to powerfull, ballast the front

  3. Scrapyard24c says:

    High Flyer – Son of Wheely Big Cheese?

  4. davidjuchem says:

    nice Lightning replica.

  5. WhamettNuht says:

    robot arena 2

  6. jacool24 says:

    what is dis game called?

  7. WhamettNuht says:

    I know, infact, when i finally get enough bits and bobs, and find the right people, I will put him in my RR Ai Pack!

  8. Liam Bryant says:

    And so is Pressure (I know u probably knew that but couldn’t resist replying!)

  9. WhamettNuht says:

    GUESS WHAT, I KNOW ABOUT RR, AND IM GOING TO ENTER! The music is called Spybreak from the matrix. ROAMING ROBOTS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!(recuring, lol!)

  10. wakkydude says:

    What is that music? I heard it at a event called roaming robots (robot wars but live at a leasure center :D) and now you’ve used it! What IS that music?

  11. WhamettNuht says:

    I know, I now how to AI myself, maybe when i’ve finished series 2 of WR, i might do a guide on how to ai!

  12. ScrapDadddy says:

    AIing isnt really all that hard.

  13. WhamettNuht says:

    You can always try to get a freind to help, just set the controlls for both robots, so that you are using one method, and your friend is using another. But as for aiing, you really dont want to get my advice as i know what to do but they dont work!

  14. WhamettNuht says:

    The easy way is to adjust the controlls so that you are using the arrowkeys, and get a friend to help and tell them how to controll the other one, adjusting the controlls for them.

  15. MetalDeath96 says:

    plzz help how do i fight my own robots i think i need to make a AI some how im not sure if i even mean that arrrr

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