What 23 popular websites used to look like

What 23 popular websites used to look like
We found the earliest versions of some of the most visited websites today, like Facebook, Google and Buzzfeed. Here's what the sites looked like then, and what they look like now. Web design has come a long way — oh, and the ads have gotten a lot fancier.
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The Short List: Google changes mobile search; avian flu; 'Full House' gets a
Only 38% of business websites are optimized for mobile. In USA TODAY tests this week, we found plenty of popular websites for brand names such as California Pizza Kitchen and M&Ms that failed the Google "mobile-friendly" test. So if your site doesn't …
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Nick Clegg mocks Grant Shapps over Wikipedia affair
Wikipedia relies on about 70,000 people each month who edit the articles for a worldwide readership. With 18bn page views and nearly 500m unique visitors a month, only Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are more popular websites than Wikipedia.
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