What Are Rich Snippets?

What Are Rich Snippets?
Another key benefit of rich snippets for B2B firms is their ability to display images next to pages that feature multimedia files in search engine results. By inserting a snippet of code, firms can tell search engines that a specific page features a …
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How Search Engines Process Links
The search engine crawler (let's make it a spider for fun) visits a site. The first thing it collects is the robots.txt file. Let's assume that file either doesn't exist or says it's okay to crawl the whole site. The crawler collects information about …
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Tech Retrospect: Google gets the EU antitrust treatment
Tech Retrospect: Google gets the EU antitrust treatment. Is Google abusing its position as the world's most popular search engine? Also … It's easy to see that this happens, just try googling any product you like and you'll see retail listings right …
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