What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes?

What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes? How can we do better on those? Warren Redlich, Boca Raton, FL Have a question? Ask it…
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  1. Rudy Garcia says:

    Thanks Matt, it bothers me that people focus on links and not on their own content. It also bothers me to go to a website and not find what I am looking for (hours/menus). If people serve their audience then won’t the rankings naturally come? Think about it guys! Ranking #1 does nothing if your website is horrible.

  2. Dan Rangel says:

    I assume these rules would apply to good SEO for Google Local. Thanks Matt!

  3. Billy Likes says:

    He makes Google seem more friendly and less monsterish.

  4. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Thanks Matt for sharing these information once again. Yes some how people do these all mistakes, If they avoid, then they can sure get good organic result..Cheers :)

  5. wddtutorials says:

    Great, thanks Matt, this came just at the right time.

  6. bexciting says:

    As always Matt ROCKS!!!!

  7. MrTVTL905 says:

    Bing is the #1 area where webmasters make the most mistakes…most webmasters still think it’s relevant.

  8. Eduardo Cardenas says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. VinePsychicLine says:

    Would be interested in seeing you cover SEO for Google+ profiles that are ranking higher then they should be. Example: Fictional names for Google+ businesses. How do you intend stopping marketing groups taking over SEO content? Thanks

  10. tiantxu says:

    Want a quick answer? Just jump to 4:24

  11. Natan Valencia says:

    Nice answer, but wrong question. The right question is not “Top areas where make the most mistakes”. The question must be “The worst mistakes!”

  12. David Hermansen says:

    So to summarize: stop being lazy and actually build a good website that’s worth marketing once it’s built!

  13. abyssunderground says:

    No e-mail but a Google Moderator link, google dot com / moderator/#15/e=20ce74&t=20ce74.40&f=20ce74.6b909c

  14. Harsha MP says:

    nice summary

  15. outsourcingseo says:

    You made something so complicated sound so easy. Anyways, here’s my interpretation of your 5 tips… 1. Crawlability 2. Content 3. Links, social media and citations 4. Meta content 5. Analysis and Research

  16. 30201065 says:


  17. Geoff Simon says:

    A great side-effect of a great public relations strategy is links.

  18. SayGwilo says:

    What is the email address so I can ask him a question?

  19. Erik Overbeek says:

    google.com/intl/nl/about/company/facts/locations/ learn to google

  20. Ron VanPeursem says:

    Can’t believe that titles and description are STILL being neglected so much. Yikes.

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