What do People Buy on Ebay? Top 10 Craziest Items

A listing of the 10 weirdest things ever sold on ebay. You won’t believe the money some people are willing to pay. Some of these are truly bizarre. A Sandwich for 000. A Ghost for 000 LOL!

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22 Responses to What do People Buy on Ebay? Top 10 Craziest Items

  1. DontDent MyCar says:

    i’m going to start making grilled cheese sandwiches, later……..

  2. metacrew3 says:

    this vid is awesome lol

  3. vancity ismine says:

    what is with the porno song?

  4. Pete153code says:

    Music is creepy

  5. jon chavez says:

    they eat yu

  6. kjchicago1 says:

    Can you imagine buying a grilled cheese sandwich for $28,000? I can’t!

  7. davejrobbo82 says:

    My m8 sold an empty beer can on ebay

  8. Rodriguez Javier says:

    A fucking sandwich are you fucking kiddin me? I could just make that.

  9. TheFrozenKing VG says:

    1:30 Thank me later

  10. hyunki0510 says:

    the shruken heads really freaked me out.

  11. Steven Colello says:

    no i just think that is nasty….i have all the woman i need her name is Brenda…..

  12. Ramon Rondon says:

    Lol I Get My Pussy 4 Free

  13. treecac88 says:

    What the hell are shrunken heads ?and what do they do ?

  14. Midnightryder7 says:

    I heard tumble weed was sold on ebay before

  15. clawdeen47 says:


  16. clawdeen47 says:

    i ment #7 is creepy

  17. clawdeen47 says:

    #6 is creepy

  18. clawdeen47 says:

    EWWWW #8

  19. omarrakha00 says:

    Why on earth would you buy a more than £25,000 when u can’t Even it it and how would you get it deliverd

  20. Spredzable says:

    That Ghost jar looks completely fucked up, i would never buy that

  21. RogueCrockett says:

    Darnet i knew i should have sold that grilled cheese that looked like Jesus XD

  22. TheOpticrange says:

    How you do that?

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