What Do You Think about Google Chrome?

chris.pirillo.com I’ve made the switch to Google Chrome after trying their development builds for some time. Syncing across multiple computers and a growing amount of extensions have made a strong case for this transition. You can opt to use Chromium, which is the open source project behind Google Chrome. What is your favorite browser? chris.pirillo.com http facebook.com
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24 thoughts on “What Do You Think about Google Chrome?

  1. a lot of people stay on firefox just as chrome makes a new process for each tab=more ram being used, and also due to the massive restrictions on apps… and chrome doesnt load pages faster than firefox, it just starts loading them as you type…

  2. Hi Chris, I have 1 question: Is it really ‘safe’ to let the browser remembering your passwords? I’m always worried about hackers and such… or am I just being paranoid? Thanks in advance!

  3. I think the war is almost over. Chrome is so much more better than the others in over all experiense. And I would not give MS much chance by now. They did not have a killer feature to beat Chrome, now it is too late, and Chrome is winning. The reason for using Firefox still – are the extensions. I need them, therefore I need Firefox. But for eveyday use, I think Chrome is the best experiense.

  4. I found Google Chrome quite slow actually and it was not compatible with all websites, it also did crash sometimes, so i made the switch FROM Chrome TO Firefox, and i have to say, I prefer Firefox, especially Firefox 4 which they have just released.

  5. You’re not the first that I’ve heard say that it’s sluggish. I don’t know why the speed would be inconsistent like that. Of course the speed of the computer might have something to do with it but even on my netbook it’s fast. 

  6. It has one flaw on Ubuntu in that it scrolls down whenever I’m typing on a flash graphic online. So if this were a flash graphic, I’d be on the bottom of the page and I would have to scroll back up.

  7. i personally use chrome only because the address bar is integrated into the search bar. it just makes it a lot faster… i use a couple of extensions, but nothing fancy

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