What Does Google Know About You?

Discover how much the world’s biggest search engine really knows about you with Alltime Conspiracies. —————– Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Co…
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20 Responses to What Does Google Know About You?

  1. Alltime Conspiracies says:

    Or should we say ‘What Does Google NOT Know About You?’ 

  2. Alltime Conspiracies says:

    NEW! ‘What Does Google Know About You?’ Discover how much the world’s biggest search engine really knows about you with Alltime Conspiracies. 

  3. TrickyLover says:

    It knows I masturbate.

  4. Sherlock H says:

    6 letters in Google. It knows things about you. At least 12 different categories. 6×12=72. 7+2=9. 9 divided by 12 equals 0.75. A pack of gum can be 75 cents. 3 letters in gum. Three sides to a triangle. You sometimes miss when you try to put the gum in your mouth and you put it into your EYE. A TRIANGLE PLUS AN EYE = WHAT? Illuminati confirmed.

  5. julio martinez says:

    What if you just lie about all your personal info? 

  6. Tommi lee says:

    So….Google know i masturbate to Paralized vietnamese shemale midget black amputee deep anal penetration communist videos?

  7. EnigmacTheFirst says:

    Im google proof. I don’t use chrome or Firefox I don’t have a google controlled phone I never click on ads I don’t use google email Anything else?

  8. Dark5 says:

    Awesome vid. I’m going to have to go with… EVERYTHING. 

  9. ivanjacob says:

    “You don’t have to use google.” I do, my school forces me to use it.

  10. Preston Kimbrough says:

    I turn off gps. I really dont care to much about seeing a bunch of halo ads…. Edit: I dont care 

  11. TheSpoiledGamer says:

    Haha, I use Bing.

  12. TheCosmiCriminal says:

    I don’t use internet. Am I google proof? 

  13. TheAnangrycharizard says:

    Google is planning a coup on the USA, Russia, China and the EU!!

  14. Woodrow Feike says:

    I like this channel because it doesn’t say “the government is out to get you and the Illuminati wants to set up FEMA death camps” or any of that nonsense. This channel simply provides information about organizations, governments, and agencies for the sole purpose of spreading awareness. It doesn’t lean a certain way. It just states facts. 

  15. Alltime10s says:

    Any idea how much Google really knows about you? Find out here with Alltime Conspiracies!

  16. abdullah abdulaziz says:

    What Does Google Know About You? I use all the Google services and this thing is scaring me should I be scared? 

  17. FreaKK367 says:

    Adds to my list of reasons I do not have a smartphone, despite being fairly young, loving technology and knowing more about smartphones than most people I know with smartphones. Other entries on my list include not having enough of a social life to warrant a smartphone, and having a high end gaming PC to do everything a smartphone can do and more. Just without being portable. But then again apart from going to work, I don’t really go anywhere outside of special occasions, where using a smartphone is considered rude anyways. Also £5 credit lasts me about a month, often longer. 

  18. phoenix stutz says:

    google doesnt know my true aged i lied because im only 11

  19. Tessa Bain says:

    They know I really like dark skinned elf hentai, and hentai in general and that I’m often disappointed because dark skinned hentai of any kind isn’t incredibly common, which I guess is something else they would know, though it’s not about me.

  20. MineCrafterCity says:

    I freaking love Google. Whatever they wanne know about me idc. 

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