What is a VPN?

In this video, I explain in great detail what a vpn is. If you got any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below or send me a message. Thanks!

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  1. noe camacho says:

    So if I log in to Facebook could the owner of the wifi take a look at my stuff?

  2. Tonio L says:

    I like the video and your very skilled. keep up the good work! i subscribed and liked

  3. NojoGaming says:

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  4. captainhl says:

    why my VPN keeps disconnecting???

  5. Radiance060dps says:

    Well explained by majestic voice. Tnx. I know now what vpn is. Tnx tnx tnx.

  6. adeelhussain9 says:

    You have just completed my assignment Cheers :)

  7. ensa334 says:

    Which program do you recommend me to use. On a iMac

  8. Vytautas Paukštelis says:

    Hello teacher, I have some questions regarding VPN..1. VPN – is a program, a server or a server with particular program which encrypts and makes connection safe – what is exact meaning in simple words? 2. When you use VPN – you use it from your PC OR you do it remotely via screen sharing software on other machine? 3. And if you will have some time for this one – what does it mean – multiple IP VPN – is it if I let’s say create many accounts – it changes IP for each account creation? Greets,thnks

  9. Sysopx86 says:

    spotflux FTW!! free, no register, no ads, and simple to use go for it

  10. Haxor Eighteen says:

    I recommend VPN for those who are constantly connecting to open WiFi networks, such as McDonalds or Starbucks. That way everything you do online is encrypted between your iPad and the VPN server only. Its much safer than using a proxy.

  11. minecraftgamersbawws says:

    Should I use a VPN on my iPad2

  12. Haxor Eighteen says:

    Yes, you can use it whatever you like, however, keep in mind that some vpn services keep a log of where you go to and others don’t.

  13. Isaac Galvan says:

    once i make a vpn do i use the internet like i normally do??

  14. Isaac Galvan says:

    very useful info. thanks man:D

  15. Salmanzzy says:

    Thanks man you really helped me out. Thanks?

  16. Hexs uno says:

    Too the point… Fantastic. Thank you so much for this tut, I’m subbing! 😀 Be safe surfing the seaz bro!

  17. ITSystemsAdmin says:

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  18. Haxor Eighteen says:

    No problem! Thanks for watching.

  19. phoneskins2012 says:

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  20. mustafekk says:

    How can i explain this :)

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