What is Digital Marketing & How Can It Help Your Organisation

What is Digital Marketing & How Can It Help Your Organisation
Event on 2017-07-06 09:30:00
What is Digital Marketing & How Can It Help Your Organisation? No Sales Pitch Guarantee… this is not a free event that ends up being a sales pitch you can't escape! Thanks to the support of the Village Hotel Swansea and Swansea Bay Futures, we're able to put these workshops on for free for 18 attendees, so we can help you understand the benefits of Digital/Internet/Online Marketing and how you can use it in your business or organisation both for free and with the paid options. This is an introductory seminar to Digital Marketing delivered by a multi award winning, Google Specialist Partner. It is a 3 hour (with breaks and questions) interactive session; we'll use your business and the others in the room as real life examples. You'll go home with plenty of things to implement and a list of 3 KEY things you'll do first. This seminar is for owners of micro and small businesses (it doesn't matter if you work by yourself, employ 50 people, are private sector or charity), those who work within a marketing capacity and want to know more about Digital Marketing especially Pay Per Click Advertising. Marketing professionals can also claim CPD for this course. You can watch a short video of a recent workshop here: The topics we will cover are;  Marketing Basics: Market, Message, Media, Measure Your Customer Avatar Key things to know about digital marketing Getting on the first page of Google naturally (Google SEO) Google My Business (Maps) Google AdWords and PPC basics Facebook Posts and Ads Email Marketing Destination Web Pages / Landing Pages For further information, please contact Anna on 01792 293366. Please note there is maximum of 2 delegates from the same company on each course. ** PLEASE CANCEL YOUR TICKET IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND AS WE ALWAYS HAVE A WAITING LIST ** Reviews from recent attendees "Really liked how Ben tried to tailor to each person's business needs." 8/10 "Very informative session by a knowledgeable presenter. Thanks." 10/10 "Ben was very clear with his explanation of each topic and made it very easy to understand each point. He didn't over complicate it. Brill!" 10/10 "I found the workshop very beneficial, there was a good covering of website optimisation and link through to email marketing and social media. A good balance between generalities and detail, which is about right as an introduction as a lot of new ideas and concepts were introduced. The workshop is highly relevant to small to medium sized organisations that cannot afford their own marketing expert, but can gain most from the digital marketing tools available." "I felt that the content of the course very relevant to the industry we are in, but having a limited knowledge of I.T. today's course gave an insight into why we need to and then keep doing the social media and optimisation of the website. Driving traffic to the website is crucial to us and today gave me more of an understanding to the right way to do this." "It was a great help to me in terms of letting me find out which tool would be best for my business marketing and how to start going about using it. Overall I can only really say good things in terms of feedback and probably more of this for the future in my business is what I would like." "Really interesting, made me aware of what is important to us as a business. Possibly Adwords are not as important as I initially thought, but will still help overall alongside other forms of marketing. Huge learning curve for me, but Ben made it easy to follow." "An excellent afternoon which has enabled me to identify which areas of digital marketing are best suited to my company. Google Adwords isn't right for me at the moment but I have learnt hoe to tailor my Facebook advertising to target a more specific audience. I also need to set up some Mailchimp templates or get Copperbay to do some for me! Thank you." "Thank you for a really interesting seminar. I have learned a lot about how the advertising on Google and Facebook works and has given me lots of ideas." "Very informative course, full of valuable information. Taken some great ideas back. Good delivery, very friendly and easy to ask questions of. Really great afternoon. Thanks!" "I found this course concise and insightful. It was really well structured and all topics covered were highly relevant and helped me build on my existing knowledge. It allowed me to apply the content to the context of my own organisation and I now have a clear idea on how to move forward. I also feel much more confident to give things a go. Thank You" "Interesting to learn about the google adwords and what specifics you need to really target certain market groups. Remarketing is something new that is definitely a consideration for the company. Also seeing email marketing from mailchimp seems a bit more user friendly than current interface. Learn quite a lot – Thank You" "I have enjoyed the training session and feel that I will be able to apply the advice given to our Companies' Facebook page and direct mailers. We currently use Mailingm and after a demo of Mailchimp feel this may be more use to my company. I would also like to explore Adwords more to help direct sales."

at The Village Hotel – Swansea
Langdon Road
Swansea, United Kingdom

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