What is Google building on Treasure Island?

People who live and work on California’s Treasure Island thought a barge and four stories of cargo containers had something to do with the America’s Cup, but…
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15 Responses to What is Google building on Treasure Island?

  1. dave johnson says:

    Don’t forget Sandy HOAX Boston HOAX new York Pier HOAX Chris Dorner HOAX Navy Yard HOAX LA airport HOAX etc, etc, etc NO ONE DIED AND NO ONE HURT. That’s the truth. Should you or anyone else say they even got a HANG nail that makes them a Liar. Period full stop

  2. KhalilZip Oufrid says:

    Google Float! Maybe Some thing that can be used in future! like google offshore! i just imagine that in the middle of sea! XD

  3. RoaringEngine says:

    if it’s a data center, they may be building it on water to save taxes. and electricity since there is lots of water to use to cool all those servers…

  4. ZP ZAP says:

    Google is the NSA…

  5. ZP ZAP says:

    Marketing google glass my ass… google = NSA

  6. moonspellsdumb says:

    Ha ha ha. That’s what you get for building in liberal states.

  7. Andre Wixon says:

    google eet!

  8. Flynn01979 says:

    Google, we never said we couldn’t be evil.

  9. Ron Lovell says:


  10. ap2s2000 says:

    google maps underwater!!

  11. knoose says:

    Omg GOVERNMENT… fuck off already. 

  12. Wayne DirtySix says:


  13. michael escamilla says:

    it is where the reptilians live, construction stopped cuz the reptillians ate the human workers. 😛

  14. michael escamilla says:

    treasure island was sold by the military when I was a kid over 20 years ago

  15. kaliyuga2758 says:

    Treasure Island was (still is??) a military base. Is Google working with the military?

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