What is Google Fiber and why is it so awesome?

What is Google Fiber and why is it so awesome?
Today, Google announced its latest plans to install Google Fiber internet service in Provo, Utah, which was the third city that the search giant announced for its Internet rollout plan. The company is in the middle of upgrading the city's existing …
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Greater than the sum of its specs: Google's Moto X reviewed
And yet, much of the breathless pre-release coverage (and several early reviews of the phone) seemed to treat the phone as special because Google was saying it was special, not because it was earth-shattering hardware in and of itself. We're now about …
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Google: don't expect privacy when sending to Gmail
People sending email to any of Google's 425 million Gmail users have no "reasonable expectation" that their communications are confidential, the internet giant has said in a court filing. Consumer Watchdog, the advocacy group that uncovered the filing, …
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