What is Information Technology?

Information Technology @ PTI: http://www.pti.edu/school_technology_it.php or call: 1.800.784.9675 Learn about Information Technology at PTI (Pittsburgh Techn…
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  1. guigui9101 says:

    i like patate

  2. SundanceVacations says:

    Not the best green screen technology

  3. djyooter1 says:

    A/V Technician here. New York Tri State area… Loving the Green Screen! LOL

  4. compwiz878 says:

    green/blue screen with chromakey

  5. infoshooter says:

    Learn how to use chromakeyer brotha

  6. Giovanny Suarez says:


  7. kalkeikuu says:

    I’m trying listen to what he is saying. Please turn down the music in the background.

  8. haro912 says:

    Why green screen the server room behind him?

  9. waelvilla says:

    can I change the language ?

  10. Muhammad Salman Ayaz says:

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  11. ChiotVulgaire says:

    One day, I want to have a computer that’s the size of a wall. I’ll bet it can play some awesome games.

  12. captain1morgan says:

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  13. RAINZDOGG says:

    @ncs553 what about friendly 2008

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