What is Network Marketing by Robert Kiyosaki

What is Network Marketing by Robert Kiyosaki


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  1. I prefer to follow the advice of rich optimist people than poor pessimist individuals. I live in the Philippines and I work in a BPO company at night and engage myself in direct selling activities by day (VMobile). I do understand that network marketing is very hard because you get to receive thousands of rejections and 90% of those people that rejected you will even insult you hahaha. Nevertheless, the idea of being financially free one day and the fact that you are being given the opportunity to work for yourself is worth the effort. Thanks for the upload :)

  2. Winners join NETWORK MARKETING. so lemme guess. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and all the other rich people aren’t winners because they aren’t in MLM. What a load of CROCK. He’s a paid shill for MLM companies.

  3. amen. By the way I am a marketer,and I utilize youtube to get web traffic and I think this video is very helpful. thank you very much. I recommend that you go to my channel on youtube to find out more information regarding what i do to *bring visitors* to my website

  4. MLM legal or not is ALWAYS BS and CANNOT EVER be anything else. There is a basic mathematical reason which you will not listen to if you disagree, and will not need to understand if you already agree. IF each person “sponsors” only 1 per year the business doubles in # of persons each year. Example Amway has been around 55 years what is 2^55 WAY more than the pop of the world!! Robert Kiyosaki implies lies with truthful statements – deliberately.

  5. THE BUSINESS OF THE 21ST CENTURY · ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY? · DO YOU HAVE A DREAM? · DO YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO CREATE WEALTH? · DO YOU HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILL? · ARE YOU BUSINESS ORIENTED? · DO YOUHAVE ABILITY TO WORK WITH LITTLE OR NO SUPERVISION? · DO YOU WANT TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS? · ARE YOU TIRED OF CHANGING JOB? · ARE YOU EARNING ENOUGH IN YOUR CURRENT JOB? · ARE YOU TIRED OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE? · CAN YOU LEAVE YOUR CURRENT JOB FOR YOUR GENERATIONS COMING TO INHERIT? · DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN OWN YOUR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS WITH JUST LITTLE START UP CAPITAL? THEN NETWORK MARKETING IS THE ANSWER. Today network marketing is taking the world by storm and is providing hope to people all around the world. This business enjoys a very large degree of success due to the excellent benefits offered by it when compared with conventional business opportunities. Network marketing is a system whereby people tell others to buy a product or service, to do a particular act or to accept or follow a concept and thereby get rewarded for making the recommendations. This kind of marketing cuts down all the middlemen as in normal business and saves a large volume of money normally spent on advertising and overheads. Therefore the networking distributor gets a handsome reward and by building a downline organization of his own, he attains an extraordinary career growth with his freedom and independence and with the astonishing scope of himself becoming a business giant. Network companies do away with the costs of advertising, distribution and its overheads which are enormous, exceeding 75% of the total turnover in the conventional business operations. This cost is allocated to the networkers to do all the marketing and customer servicing to the company, leave alone manufacturing of the products and training service. We can now understand why a company with a turnover of millions dollars pays huge commissions and incentives to the networkers as a rewards for their marketing efforts. This is how wealthy people are created from a network marketing opportunity. Network marketing offers a very low cost entry into the business, with enormous returns as individuals start to operate their own network marketing business professionally. Many people start on a part-time basis and later develop into full-time operation. Network marketing is the greatest option and opportunity for anyone who has no connection, no money or special education to become financially secure. And it is also true that network marketing is perfect for everyone. WHY MOST PEOPLE FAIL IN NETWORK MARKETING? v They concentrate on selling products instead of building network. v They don’t have enough information about the business. v They believe network marketing is all about selling. v They do not train their down line to duplicate instead they only teach them how to sell products. v They do not have any goals and dreams, so they are confused and lost. v They have no commitment. v They do not keep their appointments. v They do not follow the prospects. v They give up soon. v They are interested in personal profits rather than that of their down lines. v They promise accounting to their hopes but perform according to their fears. v They lack self-esteem. v They blame others for their failures. v They take “NO” as personal insult. v They pose an unprofessional appearance. v They are lazy. THE VARIOUS BENEFITS of network marketing CAN BE SUMMARIZED AS FOLLOWS: · It requires a low capital investment and the set-up cost is also less. · It is risk free. · No qualification and experience are necessary: obviously a person should know to read and write English or any language of their region. · It can be done on a part-time basis and as such it is a good multiple source of income. · Network marketing business has an excellent support system by the company and the upline organization to assist you. · The business has unlimited income potential. · This business generates passive income. After building a successful network the business continues without your presence also. The income is continuous in nature and can be inherited by your spouse and children. · There are opportunities to travel because most of the network marketing companies offer incentive trips to other countries around the world for successful and achieving networkers/distributors. · There is plenty of recognition in the network marketing business. You will be honored and recognized for your achievements. · There are plenty of opportunities to develop you. You will be exposed to lots of training, motivation, programmed and seminars. You will have a chance to develop your character and become a good leader. · For those who like to help others this is a good opportunity to help people realize and fulfill their dreams. · The business is fun to build since it is a people’s business. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world. Some people are concerned about personality development and growth rather than financial gain. It is not even uncommon to see financially successful people quit their job to get involved in network marketing which is a life changing business opportunity. Network marketing also offers: Ø Leadership skills. Ø Communication skills. Ø Public relationship skills. Ø Skills to conquer personal fears, doubts and lack of confidence. Ø Skills for handling fear of rejection. Ø Financial management skills. Ø Goal-setting practice. Ø Helps you create a vision statement for yourselves which explains whom you want to be and what you want to do for mankind and what principles you can attach with your life. WHAT IS TO BE CONSIDERED IN THE CHOICE OF A NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY Ø Check whether the network marketing company has enough money to grow and invest in innovation and technology and pay commission. Ø Check whether the network marketing company has the products and services that your customers will like to use regularly. Ø Check up whether your upline or sponsor is committed to your success as you are to his. Ø Know the different between a sponsor and a recruiter. A sponsor coaches, motivates and trains. They are with you through thick and thin. A recruiter just signs up people and several cases abandons them. Ø Select a network marketing opportunity which gives a compensation plan and system that people can work with in order to build the business without affecting a full-time job. Ø Check how long has the network marketing company been in success. Choose a company that has been in business at least for 5 years. Ø Avoid any plan that includes commission for recruiting additional distributor. It is an illegal pyramid Ø Beware of plans which ask new distributors to purchase expensive inventory. These plans can collapse quickly Ø Check whether the network marketing company has training programmed not just seminars. WITH THIS.. I AM PROUD TO INTRODUCE TO YOU EDMARK INTERNATIONAL: EDMARK INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading network marketing company in more than 40 countries all over the world, is involved in food supplement and various business interests like real estate development. EDMARK started as ever Dynamic marketing in 1984. It is from this name that the word EDMARK was conceived; with letter “D” in red color to represents its perpetual dynamism. It was through the vision of its founder and chairman mr. Sam Low Ban Chai that EDMARK became one of the world’s successful brand. EDMARK’s high quality standard operating procedures are widely recognized through the following certifications: GMP, HALAL AND ISO22000:2005, with over 600,000 active distributors worldwide. Edmark produced food supplements that eliminate all kinds of unhealthy killer diseases away from our body. Diseases like: colon cancer, diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, migraine, hormonal imbalance, liver problem, rheumatism, anemic, hepatitis, asthma, gout, fibroid, arteriosclerosis, pale complexion, weight problem, smoker, diarrhea, constipation, menstrual pain, arthritis, sore throat, bad breadth, weak erection, typhoid, malaria, infertility, body odor, infection, ulcer, WITH 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE OF ALL PRODUCTS. WHY EDMARK INTERNATIONAL IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES. · It requires a low registration fees to start EDMARK business. · No qualification and experience are necessary. · It can be done part-time · All EDMARK products are 100% money back guarantee. · EDMARK pay 71% bonus to their distributors plus 20%-25% retail profit the highest in network marketing industry. · You can transfer to your children if you retire. · Good trainings programmed for all their distributors the highest EDMARK University of success. · Very low maintenance. · Flexible promotion. · No demotion in EDMARK. · Accumulative plan. · No time limit. · You chose the time and people that want to work with you in the business. HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM EDMARK INTERNATIONAL o Join the company by register. o Ask yourself the purpose of you joining EDMARK and dream big. o Make a list of all the people around you, friends, relatives, associates, colleagues, school mates, school teacher, etc. write their name phone numbers in a list….get their numbers from your phone address book. o Invite them and make appointment for them to attend business meeting. o Show the plan to the invitees. Use your up lines to assist in explaining the opportunities o You should show them more in opportunities side, how the business can change their financial life. o Learn more to build network instead of concentrating in selling products, network marketing is not a selling business but a team business. o Concentrate on people, trained your entire business partner to duplicate. o Read books on network marketing o Be a 100% user of EDMARK products I want to ask you this question, What is your dream in life? NO IS THE TIME TO DECIDE THE KIND OF WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON HOW TO START THE BUSINESS CALL : 07069231160 GOODLUCK VICTOR ORUN 07069231160 

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