What is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?

What is… with The Social Network Princess. Hi, I’m Cindy the Social Network Princess and today we are answering the question: What is Pay Per Click Adverti…
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  1. tess lemont says:

    Just weiging in here–Pay per click advertising is still one of the best ways to get targeted traffic on the Internet. It also allows a person to learn very quickly how their website or landing page is doing. You don’t have to wait for weeks like you do with organic seo.

  2. David Allenz says:

    I have watched a few videos trying to answer this same question–what is pay per click. And you have the best explanation on this topic by far.

  3. seenBESTWebDesign says:

    Thank you, yes we can help you with a landing page for your website. Please feel free to give us a call!

  4. jessicat7676 says:

    I appreciate well made videos like this with good content. I am off to watch more from your channel.

  5. benjicummings says:

    You have caught my interest. I need a good SEO company.

  6. lphilips323 says:

    Just wanted to let you know I feel you are putting out some very informative videos. This one in particular contains some very helpful information. Keep it up.

  7. jim3riz says:

    The whole concept of a landing page has confused me. Will you help me with this ?

  8. tracyrsimmons says:

    I have to learn to be more efficient in getting new customers.This seems like the way to go. I’ll be in touch to learn more.

  9. larsstenson15 says:

    I have heard this can be a great way to increase my customers

  10. billingsclyde says:

    I like when you say the ROI on this form of advertising is much higher than others.

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