What is PR? (HD)

A short introduction to Public Relations

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  1. Vikas Rawat says:

    Good work. Tommorrow i have P R exam it will help me.

  2. philmsuk says:

    Thank you prozzy12. Very kind. Obviously, it becomes a much more complex field the deeper you become involved, and many elements within the practice of PR demand a less simplistic overview. But I think I was trying to get across that PR is essentially about good communication, with the right audience. I feel that some PR practitioners attempt to attach too much mystery to their roles. If you’d like a decent book to read, PR TODAY (by Trevor Morris & Simon Goldsworthy) is worth a look.

  3. prozzy12 says:

    i have an pr interview tomorrow for an internship at a magazine, this was pretty helpful. simplified . 

  4. philmsuk says:

    Thanks Kyan – very kind of you. Glad you liked it.

  5. Kyan m says:

    no one can dislike this

  6. David Lynn Painter says:

    I teach Public Relations and wondered if I could use the “What is PR” video as an introduction to my course? Who would I contact for permission to use that excellent video?

  7. philmsuk says:

    Thanks, and all the best. Work hard and always remember to step back occasionally so you don’t lose sight of your core objectives.

  8. philmsuk says:

    Thanks for your comment Tinmysta – very kind. In short, PR isn’t rocket science – and I think many PR pros over-complicate it, perhaps to lend more kudos to their value. Good luck with your career.

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