What is Public Relations?

www.truebluecommunications.com. What is Public Relations? True Blue Communications’ Principal and President Noelle Anderson explains what public relations really means. For all of your Public Relations and marketing needs contact us now: Tel: (813) 380-0314 or visit our website at www.truebluecommunications.com. PR Firm Tampa. Tampa PR Firm. PR Firm Clearwater. Video Transcript Today we’re going to have a vocabulary lesson. And the term is “public relations.” What is public relations? This is a term that I hear very frequently misused, sometimes, unfortunately, even among my peers. Many people think that PR is getting a company or a client’s name printed or broadcast in the news media, which formerly we would call “media relations.” Media relations is and can be a function of public relations, but that is not “public relations” defined. That would be like saying a point of purchase display or a direct mail piece is “marketing.” In my studies, I have come across many attempts to define “public relations,” and here is my favorite. It says that “public relations” is the management function that builds and maintains relationships with the key groups of people, the “publics,” upon which the success or failure of your business depends. In short, what that means is PR is all about increasing exposure and also staying on good terms with the people who could make or break your business. A key phrase to pull out of that definition I just gave was “building and maintaining
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