What is Quality Score and why does it matter?

Learn why your keyword Quality Score is key to getting your ads in front of customers. Find out what a Quality Score is, how it’s calculated, where it’s loca…
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6 thoughts on “What is Quality Score and why does it matter?

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  2. Please help me understand one thing… so you’re saying my quality score CAN be low simply due to me missing certain keywords that would be included if I had an About Us or Privacy Policy page on my site? Can you please elaborate slightly more how do I make sure I have considered all factors and got me the highest QS possible ? -Beginner, thanks!!

  3. It also goes way beyond just keywords and the original landing page. The quality bot also searches for things like where your contact us page is located and how easy your navigation is to move around your site. They want your business transparent, in other words your not hiding anything. If you have a crappy quality score and you have checked your keywords and landing page to every angle, then write a better about us page and include a privacy policy page and make sure its easy to find.

  4. I am starting to question it myself and I’ve only been doing Ad Words for clients for about a year now. I think they are not telling you that your SEO matters A LOT. I notice the clients who have good SEO always have good QS.

  5. Google always harp on about user experience yet they give the worse user experience of any company I have had to deal with in my life. this video is pure rubbish all smoke and mirrors with not a solid piece of info in it. Have an ad that has the keyword in the title, description. The landing page has it in the title tags, in the body text and has pictures of the products, the landing page in my analytics’s account has a 17% bounce rate for the keyword yet adwords says only a 3. Really Google

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