What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings?

What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings, e.g if I wanted to target a new phrase and wanted to check the progress of its ranking – what is the best way to check it?…
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  1. Google has a SECRET Algorithm and they DO NOT want you to know how you rank or how to get to PAGE ONE or anything else. All Matt gives you is the company line.

  2. I have to disagree with the concept of using the existing keywords people use to find your website. Quite often these are “random”, as in: do not apply to my website, yet the search engine sent people (at times MANY) using those funky keywords… that’s to be expected because robots can do only so much. It seems to me that a better approach is to have your list of keywords, the one you think are good for your website and use those all the time. No matter how people really find you.

  3. Matt, although I understand your purist approach to this, people will always want to see their rankings. Why not just go with the flow of traffic, and provide a rank tracking tool that we can pay a monthly fee to use for our search ranking reports? It would severely cut down your traffic and server overhead, while making you some good $$$. If Google is truly about serving their customers, they should know that their customers want to see their rankings, and are willing to pay to do so.

  4. Gut zu wissen… +Matt Cutts vor 3 Jahren. “Die beste Art um Keywords zu tracken: Serverlogs und Analytics”. Yippie, ich bin top-platziert bei *(not provided)* 🙂 any update, Matt?

  5. @bigal21110 Fair enough, you are right, but he should know better than to expect that we will all just check our rankings manually. This gives us the “Sorry, you don’t look like a human to us, please use another search engine” message. I completely agree and understand why Google don’t want automatic queries, that’s why we use the search APIs. Google should know that webmasters DO this so why not give the best advice possible? I makes sense to track your keyword rankings, even for the UX

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