What Makes Children Tick Workshop-East Boston

What Makes Children Tick Workshop-East Boston
Event on 2012-09-19 19:00:00

What Makes Children Tick?

Understanding How Sensory Input Impacts Your Child’s Behavior


This workshop will teach parents, childcare providers, and teachers to see their children in a whole new way.  

You will learn how to help kids who are picky eaters or who avoid certain clothes and certain places. 

This workshop will help you understand kids who are very energetic, who melt down often, and who become aggressive more than you think is typical.

This will be a huge, eye opening experience for you! It will explain the fundamentals of Sensory Processing. 

This training explains how children react to the world through their senses and how it impacts their behavior.  It will address typical sensory reactions as well as problematic reactions. Parents, childcare providers, and teachers will gain core knowledge of sensory processing.


This workshop will help you:

1.     Gain an in depth understanding of all seven senses

    2.     Identify how senses impact everyday behaviors

    3.     Discover why children may have puzzling behaviors

    4.     Learn how to create home and classroom structures that include sensory integration theories

    5.     Assess impact on children and identify if it has become problematic

    6.     Gain tools in working with children who are significantly affected by their sensory system

    7.     Walk way with self-discoveries about yourself


Childcare providers earn 2 EEC training hours.

EEC Categories Covered in Training: 

Special Education

Observation, Assessment, & Planning

Partnering with Families and Communities

Learning Environments & Implementing Curriculum

Understanding Growth & Development of Children 

 Guiding and Interacting With Children

Diverse Learning

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at East Boston YMCA
54 Ashley St
Boston, United States

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