What Makes Good Web Design?

What Makes Good Web Design?

Christopher Merrill discussing what makes for good web design. For more information, see: www.christophermerrill.com

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13 Responses to What Makes Good Web Design?

  1. rankinstudio says:

    Awesome advice. Thanks :)

  2. llirrem222 says:

    Indeed! Thanks for your comment.

  3. chavarriakv says:

    If only the clients would think this way

  4. llirrem222 says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you found this useful.

  5. robotforce1 says:

    Great Advice, highly recommended.

  6. ftbuddyjonathan says:

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  7. Christopher Merrill says:

    Sure — send it along — thanks!

  8. PimpingRice says:

    hey Christopher! Can I send you my homepage as a image and see if it has it’s simplicity and credibility?

  9. TyWebMedia says:

    Really good advice.Thanks!

  10. llirrem222 says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Thanks.

  11. William Malo says:

    Most web designers agree with this, most of our clients don’t. 😉

  12. Charles DiBartolo says:

    great advice. now if our clients only listened.

  13. llirrem222 says:

    Thanks — glad you enjoyed.

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