What most schools don’t teach – Feat. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will I Am…

What most schools don’t teach – Feat. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will I Am… Create your own Electricity for free: http://greensciences.org Nikola Tesla’s…

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19 Responses to What most schools don’t teach – Feat. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will I Am…

  1. Lu Yin says:

    I doubt Steve Jobs knew how to code tho. I’m kinda joking hope you know that, Bill is amazing, what he does with his money and his intelligence.

  2. Lu Yin says:

    Yeah because Steve Jobs is dead LOL..

  3. dita uswatun rofiah says:

    i wanna to be software engineer :'( but my parent dont give me permission to take information of technology in university :(

  4. Rococo ici says:

    even when will.i.am is talking normally he sounds like hes rapping 😛

  5. eris supeni says:


  6. Hạng Vũ says:

    The law of attraction brought me here. It’ s amazing :)

  7. StarvinLagoon says:

    Bill Gates is superior to everyone else in this video.

  8. OmegaMadMax says:

    Lawsuits are a viable business strategy and even settlements don’t necessarily indicate wrongdoing (in that area), but rather either not wanting to drag it out in court of public opinion or that the discovery phase of the legal process (having to turn over documents) can reveal even more dirty laundry on other aspect’s of a company business. (MSFT punishing manufacturers in 90s that provided competitors’ operating systems for instance.) That said, MSFT was really evil back in the day.

  9. TopShelfization says:

    with him being a role model to a lot of kids, i have no problem with him weaseling his way into this…

  10. TopShelfization says:

    If he is not evil why did Netscape sue him?

  11. sunnyvegas702 says:

    As a self taught software developer I am glad the news is finally getting out! 😀

  12. Greg Carter says:

    I currently am taking a programming class in high school pretty cool stuff …. hit up code acedemy and you’ll see what im talking about.

  13. daniel55645 says:

    i remember this being a youtube ad before.

  14. lettuceleafstudios says:

    The music that comes in at 3:00 is a crappy MIDI copy of LCD Soundsystem’s song Dance Yrself Clean

  15. Zeroc00l300 says:

    I’ll convert.

  16. DJMejorada says:

    Shit, so many things I want to learn including reading and writing code

  17. wankerLoser666 says:

    Bunch of wankers.

  18. wankerLoser666 says:

    I’m gonna learn to code and change the world. Yeah! I’m gonna be programmer of the year! Yeah!

  19. maymaygaming says:

    i wonder how hard it was for chris bosh to code with his big ass fingers lol

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