19 Replies to “What most schools don’t teach – Feat. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will I Am…”

  1. I doubt Steve Jobs knew how to code tho. I’m kinda joking hope you know that, Bill is amazing, what he does with his money and his intelligence.

  2. Lawsuits are a viable business strategy and even settlements don’t necessarily indicate wrongdoing (in that area), but rather either not wanting to drag it out in court of public opinion or that the discovery phase of the legal process (having to turn over documents) can reveal even more dirty laundry on other aspect’s of a company business. (MSFT punishing manufacturers in 90s that provided competitors’ operating systems for instance.) That said, MSFT was really evil back in the day.

  3. I currently am taking a programming class in high school pretty cool stuff …. hit up code acedemy and you’ll see what im talking about.

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