What Online Businesses Must Do To Survive and Thrive In The New Internet

(PRWEB) August 12, 2005

What Online Businesses Must Do To

Survive and Thrive In The New Internet

The New Internet is upon us. No longer can you think that marketing a business through a Website is simply a process of hiring a Web master to put up a Website and submit it to the search engines.

“The new Internet requires a systematic strategy for reaching the right niche target market with the right marketing message presented in the right way at the right time”, says online software developer and renown Internet author Sherif Osman.

Sherif goes on to present six things that every business must do to survive and thrive in the New Internet:

1. You must start with market research, nothing can take the place of doing your market research.

2. You must choose the right target market using the results of your research.

3. You must put together a plan for reaching this target market.

4. You must put together a marketing message that is perfectly suited to the niche market that you are targeting. This marketing message must be presented in the right way.

5. You must launch your marketing campaign and track the results of your marketing efforts.

6. Based on the results of your marketing, you must either adjust your approach or continue to do more of the marketing that is working.

Sherif Osman is the creator of 12 Internet marketing automation software programs at:

http://4u-bizinfo.com/ipr/8-10-05/1/tools.html He is the author of two new highly praised multi-media ebooks titled: “Video Email Secrets Revealed” and “Internet Follow Up Secrets Revealed.” He has seven main Websites, and 58 article Web pages. Sherif has studied countless Internet millionaires and world renown marketers and has distilled their work into an automated Internet marketing system, http://4u-bizinfo.com/ipr/8-10-05/1/new.html

Sherif lives in Hawaii, he is a multi-media expert and has produced 12 thirty minute DVD videos which have run on Oahu’s local community TV station each week for twelve months straight.

Sherif Osman is an excellent relaxed presenter and communicator who makes a great interview. His uncanny humor and charisma can also captivate audiences. “Bio” and “Q&A” available. To interview him call (808) 485-1870, or (808) 255-9935, or email him at sherifosman@aol.com

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