What signals are used in ranking other than PageRank?

I see so many people asking “Will this increase my PageRank?”. Could you tell them *once again* that ranking is not just about “PageRank” but also 200 differ…
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  1. Mario Vaden says:

    Ha !!!! I wish that Cutt’s would read the feedback here – lol Because he’d see me call Google 2nd rate. I can prove it with a single page. If you type redwood + hyperion in a search for the world’s tallest tree, Google feeds Wikipedia’s skeleton of a page > hardly any text, no images. Been like that for years. My page on Hyperion has 50 times more plus photos. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to Google’s Yugo. It shows Google settles on the easy path. Top results need more than algorithyms

  2. bendover2006 says:

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  3. sammyabduldayem1 says:

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  4. agapitoflores001 says:

    At least now I know that ranking doesn’t only involve a single particular signal. The web content is much more important than any other.

  5. jeremyhall35 says:

    hey! you have an awesome video! Keep it going

  6. Jürgen Dorn says:

    one actual discussion was: is the bounce rate used as a ranking signal? there’s a lot of confusion and guessing about that, but no facts.

  7. Marketing Engaged says:

    Keep in mind Load Speed is another signal.. What are some additional signals that you all feel to be important?

  8. Liew Cheon Fong says:

    In short, “Don’t care about PageRank”

  9. johnnyjayramone says:

    Please email me the algorithm, thank you. :0)

  10. Siva Ganesh says:

    @matt: with this shirt, u look like Gentleman =)

  11. rebelseo says:

    if Matt says “signals” then I’m going with that.

  12. Muhammad Asif says:

    nice information, mean we shouldn’t only focus on page rank but on the feedback and suggestions by actual viewers of the website.

  13. Roberto Avraham Saltoun says:

    great …

  14. Sean Gallagher says:

    Ya, that’s the first thing I noticed. Wonder why he’s “dressed up” now?

  15. hostroute says:

    And he is using a PC not a mac!

  16. justinrussell says:

    Not to enter into a nomenclature war, but from Google’s technology overview page: “We use more than 200 signals, including our patented PageRank™ algorithm, to examine the entire link structure of the web and determine which pages are most important.” Looks like they use both terms interchangeably.

  17. vidiseo says:

    just checked the monthly search volume for “SEO factors” vs. “SEO signals” and “factors” wins hands down.

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