What they don't tell you about SEO

What they don't tell you about SEO
Even today, many business owners still believe that SEO is easy: just create some high-quality, optimized content, then sit back and wait for all the traffic. But there's more to it than than, and columnist Matthew Barby explains what you should REALLY …
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Hotel operators need an integrated SEO/PPC strategy more than ever
I believe that PPC and SEO work can together to allow hotels dominance in search – the proof of this lies in the fact that our hotel clients actually see an increase in 'assisted bookings', where the user has interacted with the site through more than …
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How To Get Quality SEO When You're On A Small Budget
By now, every company has integrated SEO into their digital marketing strategy. Not only do they understand the importance of having a strong online presence, but they also work to provide the best experience for their audience while increasing their …
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