What to Do if You Forgot Your Password in Yahoo

In this tutorial you will learn what to do if you forgot your password in Yahoo. Don’t forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to v…
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24 thoughts on “What to Do if You Forgot Your Password in Yahoo

  1. i also forgot the answer to the question i made, wht should i do? it keeps popping, that i cant recognise it, it was locked and it opened but still i dont know

  2. How to recover a yahoo account if it doesnt have altenative email… I mean when u do the steps you were showing.New password is being sent on same account that you cant have acess to.. Please Help.

  3. Can you help me i know this is dumb but i forgot my password. Tried recovering through send my secondary acc a msg but i forgot acc name -.-‘ and over that it gives me no other option please help

  4. i have problem forgot password but when i try to change it only give alternate email id to reset but my alternate email is not longer. how i get my password back now. can u please help me

  5. i don’t what happen but i was trying to log in to my google account but failed so i go for alternate email because i want a new password sent to my yahoo account. i don’t know why but after that my yahoo and google account become 1 and the most annoying thing is i can’t sign in to my original yahoo account anymore. i don;t know why and i tried to get a new password but they keep asking my security question which i forgot the answer. PLEASE HELP ME

  6. i cant see and answer my yahoo secret question? cause it always appear alternate and mobile numer i dont have so my only choice is my secret question! how to revocer my account?

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