What to Do if You Forgot Your Password in Yahoo

In this tutorial you will learn what to do if you forgot your password in Yahoo. Don’t forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to v…
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24 Responses to What to Do if You Forgot Your Password in Yahoo

  1. Marshall Hernandez Osvaldo says:

    Thank you my man

  2. kau membosankan says:

    please do it for me..

  3. K-Marie Marquez says:

    I can’t put another email to rest it. Keeps on asking who’s my favorite uncle. 

  4. -K Onepiece says:

    i also forgot the answer to the question i made, wht should i do? it keeps popping, that i cant recognise it, it was locked and it opened but still i dont know

  5. pauleneinlove says:

    what if the number i put there are no longer available? even the yahoo mail. i alsoforgot it.

  6. Victor Olmedo says:

    What if you forgot both your password and your email

  7. Nikola Ilić says:

    How to recover a yahoo account if it doesnt have altenative email… I mean when u do the steps you were showing.New password is being sent on same account that you cant have acess to.. Please Help.

  8. Glorie Anne Gempes says:

    Help me please. I dont know my password on my backup email. And I haven’t connected my phone number to my email. :(

  9. Vidz Daily says:

    Can you help me i know this is dumb but i forgot my password. Tried recovering through send my secondary acc a msg but i forgot acc name -.-‘ and over that it gives me no other option please help

  10. gellgamish urok says:

    i know only one answer??how can i recover the password

  11. Zyra Pineda says:

    me too T.T

  12. kane wills says:

    i have problem forgot password but when i try to change it only give alternate email id to reset but my alternate email is not longer. how i get my password back now. can u please help me

  13. Aprilang123 says:

    Or you can just change your password to “incorrect” so when u typed in your wrong password it will say your password is incorrect

  14. Ericko LZ says:

    how do I reset my secret question I put the password and email but yahoo ask me for my secret question and I gorget and don’t give me more options to fix it

  15. annu boparai says:

    help me…notgettin option of phone number or security question ..they sending information on alternateemail which i have forgotten

  16. sereneo aljohn says:

    help me again i need answers! tnx! for helping!!

  17. Taylor Dunn says:

    This was no help whatssoever.

  18. JcutzD says:

    How do i hack a friends account ? Can Anyone help me? Its part of a harmless joke

  19. DEKO442 says:

    What could we do if we forgot answers

  20. fariza hamdan says:

    i don’t what happen but i was trying to log in to my google account but failed so i go for alternate email because i want a new password sent to my yahoo account. i don’t know why but after that my yahoo and google account become 1 and the most annoying thing is i can’t sign in to my original yahoo account anymore. i don;t know why and i tried to get a new password but they keep asking my security question which i forgot the answer. PLEASE HELP ME

  21. queensexcii17 says:

    same problem, my security question won’t come up. anyone know how to fix that?

  22. sereneo aljohn says:

    i cant see and answer my yahoo secret question? cause it always appear alternate and mobile numer i dont have so my only choice is my secret question! how to revocer my account?

  23. Adam Maung says:

    Im having the same same problem. Were you able to resolve yours? Pls let me know if you were able to. Tnx

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