What to Expect from Google in 2014

What to Expect from Google in 2014
Google+ is being developed as the “social spine” for everything Google offers on the Web, according to Google CEO Larry Page. The new integration with YouTube and the Google Play store last year was only the beginning – in 2014, more of Google's top …
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Snapchat hacked: 4.6 million user names, partial phone numbers leaked
Snapchat has been so popular with kids that Facebook offered to buy it for $ 3 billion. But the company's 20-something owners turned down the … For now, Poulsen suggested that concerned Snapchat users check various websites to see whether their …
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Happy News Year: 'The News Dissector' Looks Beyond The Top Stories of the
While that may be true, non-news platforms like Facebook and Twitter (and their many competitors), as well as an array of news websites are pumping out more stories than ever across the spectrum. The "leaks" of whistleblowers such as Julian Assange, …
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