What Were the Craziest Beauty Trends of 2012? BeautyStat.com Reviews the Top 5 Weirdest Beauty and Cosmetics Trends — Fish Pedicure, Puffy Eyes and More

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Fish that slough off dead skin? Puffy eyes are the latest look in Korea? Combat wrinkles with a slap to the face? These may seem to be fabricated headlines, but, they were the latest beauty trends from around the world. BeautyStat.com — the leading online beauty community for skincare reviews and makeup reviews — made a round-up of some of the most uncanny, bizarre and possibly effective beauty trends from 2012. Asia provided us with some very interesting trends: remember bagel head? The Japanese beauty trend made saline injected into the forehead quite the fashion statement. Dont forget Koreas proclivity for puffy, baggy under eyes, which they feel makes them look like they are constantly smiling.

A few slaps to the face could banish our wrinkles for good. Let Tata of Tata Massage take care of those crows feet and laugh lines by treating your face like dough. The what seem to be aggressive punches and slaps help the blood circulate in the face to prevent and diminish the look of wrinkles.

Let the fish do all the work. The popular fish pedicure has been around for a while in some salons, but, BeautyStat dug deeper into the health concerns of this tootsie treatment. Research showed that the fish were carrying and spreading diseases to its clientele. And what came in as BeautyStats top weirdest beauty trend of 2012? Find out who or which beauty trend took the number-one spot on BeautyStat.com. Looking forward to what 2013 has to bring in the latest and greatest in weird beauty trends.

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