What You Need to Know About Google's Recent 'Phantom' Update

What You Need to Know About Google's Recent 'Phantom' Update
On April 21, Google unleashed its mobile-friendly update on the online world. However, most businesses and entrepreneurs were in the loop and had sufficient time to react and take appropriate measures. More recently, there have been rumors flying about …
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Google's venture arm showed off some of Google's coolest toys at its party today
The venture arm of Google is run independently from the rest of the business. Basically, it's like any other VC firm, but instead of raising funds from a variety of limited partner investors, it has only one: Google. But that also means that Google …
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How Ingress, Google's Real-World Smartphone Game, Got Me Out of My Shell
Getting out of the house and meeting new people is hard. For a long time, I let inertia limit me to the same neighborhood and daily routine—until I started playing a mobile, augmented-reality game from Google called Ingress. In just a few months, I've …
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