What's a goat farmer doing ranking business schools?

What's a goat farmer doing ranking business schools?
The rankings, of course, serve as little more than bait to lure unsuspecting Internet users into a lead generation scheme. In some cases, these websites don't even bother to explain what metrics are used to create the school rankings. When there is …
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Messy Fight for Veterans' Affairs Ranking Member Slot
If the Steering and Policy Committee does deem him a permanent member of the Veterans' Affairs panel, they would take another vote between Walz and Brown for the ranking member position. (Steering and Policy is the governing body of members of …
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Ranking Reaction: Mixed message from Playoff committee
Since the release of the first poll in late October, College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock and selection committee chairman Jeff Long have stressed how each new list stands alone, unbiased by the previous week's top 25. It's …
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