What’s new in Picasa 3.5

Download at picasa.google.com. Picasa 3.5 has name tags, geo-tagging with Google Maps, an improved import room, and more.
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22 Responses to What’s new in Picasa 3.5

  1. MatrixClaN1000 says:


  2. umairyc says:

    Hell of a job for face recognition with all the faces exactly the same in that album

  3. Juli Aurinegro says:

    Happy Easter!

  4. KINGsizeWINNER says:

    Was I the only one that realized all those Asian people looked the same? -_-

  5. Manuel Camelo says:

    Google is Japanese =’O

  6. Ekkalazaki says:

    Thanx a bunch…..praise the guy who came up with this idea which is better picasa or photoshop

  7. jeevan1360 says:

    ul edhira jaffa

  8. jeevan1360 says:

    this is a wonder full thing who was the inventor of this software

  9. VundaF says:

    Picasa is incredible I really love Google Picasa I always use it.

  10. bluedoom26 says:

    I think its a good way label all the people around the world also adding map information is nice. OMG they will learn everything about us. they dont need a chip under my skin the only thing they should do follow us in facebook twitter friendfind or here picassa. guys am I paranoid or they are trying to do sth

  11. mrhalholhel1900 says:

    how da hell does Picasa distinguish between asias?

  12. Manuel Arriola says:

    porque se complican la vida si es muy bonita,el pendejo de osama bin laden encontro la muerte por wey

  13. collintue says:

    Aye, yes man, my passion too! Greetings from Germany from another Asperg Autist. Collecting faces and reading and understanding them are not my first hobby, I would say, lol! Sorry for my bad english! Seth

  14. PotentialGrows says:

    SOLVE THIS EVERYBODY: ‘Riddle me this..riddle me that..what was in 1911..that youtube in 2011 has but, will never have’?? …..Answer it now or,on the vid for the riddle that is in my uploads titled ‘Solve This Riddle’ !…THUMBS UP ON VID ONLY IF YOU THINK THIS RIDDLE IS DUMB…AND..IT DOESN’T HAVE AN ANSWER.

  15. Whitenoover says:


  16. diegopmc says:

    I think it’s called Google.

  17. VANIA8480 says:

    po di mais cara quero aprender mais

  18. OpticalFascism says:

    Probably handy to sort a porn collection, but a total loss of privacy with the upload function…

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