What’s new in Picasa 3.5

Download at picasa.google.com. Picasa 3.5 has name tags, geo-tagging with Google Maps, an improved import room, and more.
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22 thoughts on “What’s new in Picasa 3.5

  1. I think its a good way label all the people around the world also adding map information is nice. OMG they will learn everything about us. they dont need a chip under my skin the only thing they should do follow us in facebook twitter friendfind or here picassa. guys am I paranoid or they are trying to do sth

  2. Aye, yes man, my passion too! Greetings from Germany from another Asperg Autist. Collecting faces and reading and understanding them are not my first hobby, I would say, lol! Sorry for my bad english! Seth

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