What's New Now: Google News Shuts Down in Spain

What's New Now: Google News Shuts Down in Spain
Google News is shutting its doors in Spain to avoid a new set of fees being imposed in the country. Starting in January, new legislation will require every Spanish publication to charge services like Google News for showing even a snippet of their …
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Hold the front page: Spain's anti-Google lobbyists lobby for Google News return
Anti-Google lobby group the AEDE, which represents publishers in Spain, has asked the country's government to prevent the ad giant from shuttering its news-scraping service. The volte-face comes after Mountain View threatened on Thursday to kill Google …
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Google faces million fine for web privacy violations: Dutch watchdog
The U.S. company is breaching the country's data protection act by using people's private information such as browsing history and location data to target them with customized ads, the Data Protection Authority (DPA) said. The regulator gave Google …
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