What’s New With Nanotech: A Presentation by Zyvex CEO Jim Von Ehr

What's New With Nanotech: A Presentation by Zyvex CEO Jim Von Ehr

“If we take the carbon atoms in this lump of coal, they’re not worth very much because they are random and unstructured. But if we were to take those same atoms and rearrange them into a crystal, they’re diamond,” explains Zyvex CEO Jim Von Ehr. The nanotech pioneer has committed his life to restructuring at the molecular level, and at Reason Weekend 2012, Reason Foundation’s annual donor event, Von Ehr discussed his progress. He spoke about the future of nanotechnology in an array of industries, from medicine to transportation, as well as his obstacles concerning government regulation over his products and how he plans to overcome them. About 33 minutes. Filmed by Joshua Swain and Anthony Fisher. Edited by Tracy Oppenheimer. Go to reason.tv for downloadable versions and subscribe to Reason.tv’s YouTube channel to receive automatic notifications when new material goes live.

20 thoughts on “What’s New With Nanotech: A Presentation by Zyvex CEO Jim Von Ehr

  1. hes talking about curing cancer with nano tech but there has been a cure for cancer for a very long time what is that cure? well you may be surprised but its camel milk mixed with camel urine if u want this cure all you have to do is go to a country where they have camels and you can buy this of them for a cheap price have a nice day!

  2. Israelites park themselves right in Arab central after world war 2, push out the Palistinians and wonder why they’re hated – dummies. On the other hand, they’ve learned to study and invest in science and technology to offset their fewer numbers of people. Maybe someday, they’ll set aside their phoenician god(elohim) and writing themselves into history by saying their the chosen ones. Maybe they’ll notice one fine day how they never use the god hypotheses to do any mathematics.

  3. It literally makes me sick that this genius innovative man has to answer to some undergrad moron at the EPA. It also makes me equally sick that the only politician advocating for the elimination of the EPA hasn’t won a state in the Republican primary… So many fake conservatives SMH

  4. Um, the bionic eye description overlooked the several layers of neurons required for the pre-processing that has to be done before the brain can make sense of the data.

  5. We don’t need to stick the label “nano” to things we already know how to do called chemistry and materials science. Google Scott Locklin’s essay, “Nano-nonsense: 25 years of charlatanry.”

  6. He talks a lot about government intervention from his personal business experience. The EPA, The Oven fiasco, too bad having support beams at 18in is SAFER than having them at 24in et cetera.

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