What's the biggest challenge for web analytics in 2013?

What's the biggest challenge for web analytics in 2013?
Attribution modelling; campaign attribution has been around almost as long as web analytics itself but only recently has it been available to the masses, thanks to Google Analytics. Attributing conversions to the first click or last click is easy but …
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Google Analytics : Utilisez les segments avancés pour affinez vos tableaux de bord
Nous essayons constamment de rendre Analytics plus simple à utiliser. Depuis le lancement de la dernière version de Google Analytics (v5), nous avons collecté un certain nombre de retours de nos utilisateurs afin d'améliorer l'expérience d'utilisation.
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As the social TV industry comes of age, stay tuned for what Facebook has in store
The symbiosis between traditional TV and social media is what led Twitter to remark that its recent acquisition of social television analytics company Bluefin Labs would “help us create innovative new ad products and consumer experiences in the …
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