What’s YOUR Social Media Marketing Strategy?

www.fb.com Should your company have a Social Media Marketing Strategy? Should you be on Facebook? Should you be on Google+? Should you blog? Should you Tweet? Social Media Marketing is today’s most successful online marketing strategy and is being embraced by companies all over the world from Fortune 100 to small companies. Social Media Marketing Strategy involves engaging PEOPLE on online social networks to generate EXPOSURE, increase TRAFFIC, improve SEARCH RANKINGS, build strong BRAND ADVOCATES, generate QUALITY LEADS and grow SALES. From start-ups to small and medium-sized companies Social Media is the greatest equalizer as it allows them to compete with competitors with much larger marketing budgets. 60% of the sales cycle is over – before a buyer talks to your sales person because of Google and Social Media and all the information available on the web today. There is so much research and consideration a buyer can do that they don’t need a sales person as early. When they talk to a sales person they are much more educated and have much better questions and can clearly understand your business compared to your competition. A visitor coming from a Social Media site is 10 times more likely to make a purchase online than an average visitor. An effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is not about the tools (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.). It is about knowing how use these tools to attract, engage and interact with your existing and potential customers. Call

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  1. TheCatalystPartner says:

    I guess you can download it and then put it on your website.

  2. Melanie Montoya says:

    How can I play it directly from my website?  When I embed it to my website, I get an error saying that it is restricted to play directly from my website and only certain sites have permission to play it directly. Otherwise, the video links to the You Tube site.

  3. Melanie Montoya says:

    Thank you so very much! :)

  4. TheCatalystPartner says:

    Of course. Just embed it.

  5. Melanie Montoya says:

    This video is very informational! Can I please have permission to use on my website?

  6. Shahar Boyayan says:

    Very helpful! There is no easy formula though for social conversion, which is getting people to do what you want them to do.

  7. CriticsDotComm p. says:

    90% of people skip ad’s during tv or movies! Tv commercials and advertisements aren’t up-to-date anymore…. The CriticsDotComm facebookpage is an open discussion forum where we try to analyse this, please come have a look and tell us your opinion 😉

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  9. TheCatalystPartner says:

    How is it going so far?

  10. TheCatalystPartner says:

    HI, yes you can embed it on your website.

  11. creativedepthstudio says:

    Excellent video… can I have permission to use on my website?

  12. TheCatalystPartner says:

    HI, yes you can embed it on your website.

  13. LugerAnswersandInfo says:

    I own a small marketing firm in western NC, I really liked this video, it is a good pace, highly informative and well made. I would like to use this to show to some of my clients to help explain the benefits and reasons SMM is so important. Could I gain your permission to use it on my website?

  14. TheCatalystPartner says:

    How did I use “your” incorrectly?

  15. QUOSocialMarketing says:

    Are you interested in a translation to spanish? I can re do this for you…Free…I love your video…

  16. Greg Wilson says:

    Good information. You used “your” incorrectly.

  17. Mark Weyland says:

    Wow! What an amazing video. I think I have read these figures in so many articles, reports, magazines and blogs. But this video is the most interesting presentation. It is so true that if a company does not show its presence on any Social Media, it is bound to face a decline in its sales and revenues. The initial barrier for all the companies across the world was to have a global reach which was effective. Social Media has broken that barrier and made a virtual world of the internet space.

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  20. Benjamin Shurts says:

    is that the Avatar sound track???

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