Wheat Ridge Entrepreneur Gains Distribution at Walmart with Super Rope Cinch

Wheat Ridge, Colorado (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Wheat Ridge, Colorado native Andrew Bourke has just received confirmation that retail giant Walmart will soon distribute his company’s patented Super Rope Cinch knot-tying device. Mr. Bourke’s company Just Right Products LLC, creators of the USA-made Super Rope Cinch, sat down for a second meeting with Walmart buyers on Wednesday September 12, 2012 at Walmart’s Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters. According to Mr. Bourke, Walmart’s decision to distribute their product came immediately following the demonstration of the Super Rope Cinch’s in-depth online presence, created using highly-distributed press releases, and a carefully planned social media campaign.

Andrew Bourke is no stranger to using the Internet to promote other people’s products and services. His PR and advertising company Avidea LLC, has been providing public relations services, online press and social media campaigns for small businesses since 2005. In July of 2011, he began using his online marketing skills to help promote his own product, the Super Rope Cinch. The Super Rope Cinch device secures rope without having to use a knot, and is manufactured in the USA by Just Right Products LLC, a company Andrew Bourke co-owns with brother and inventor of the device, Timothy Bourke.

In late 2007, Andrew Bourke’s brother Timothy presented Andrew with the idea to create a device that would eliminate the need to tie and untie knots. This was the birth of the now patented, Super Rope Cinch knot-tying product. In 2008, Timothy Bourke, who was then living in near Detroit Michigan, hired a local automotive plastic-injection molding company to help design and produce the device. Not much happened with the device until July 2010, when Timothy Bourke signed an agreement with Kevin Harrington’s TV Goods infomercial company. Unfortunately, the relationship with TV Goods did not prove productive. In October 2010, Timothy Bourke partnered with brother Andrew Bourke and began the process of manufacturing, distribution and advertising of the product.

In May of 2011, Just Right Products LLC hired a national retail sales representative. In July 2011, Andrew Bourke hired his own company, Avidea PR, to begin a social media campaign along with writing and publishing online press releases for their unique product. By end of 2011, the Super Rope Cinch had gained distribution from two of the largest hardware distributors in the USA, and had also won the Members’ Choice award by hardware distribution giant, Do it Best.

In February 2012, The Bourke Brother’s began marketing the Super Rope Cinch to the Boy Scouts of America, promoting the product as a fundraising tool for both the Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts. Scouts, who are known for working with rope and always being prepared, have since begun selling the Super Rope Cinch as a fundraising tool to raise money for camp and other scouting activities.

Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, along with a website, blog and several online press releases, the Super Rope Cinch gained traction and popularity, which eventually led to major hardware and boating distribution channels, and now, Walmart.

“If you had told me even five years ago that the use of social media and online press releases would assist a hardware / boating device in obtaining national retail distribution, I doubt I would have believed you. Now, I can’t imagine how any product or service can be without social media and online press. Walmart’s response to seeing the thousands of news and media websites that had re-published our press releases was simply priceless. My company, Avidea PR, has learned more about marketing on this one product, than in all other marketing efforts combined. What we know now about social media and online press means we can literally put a company in the national spotlight in front of millions of people in just a matter of months. I would encourage everyone with a product or service that they must use both social media and highly-distributed press releases to raise awareness and create posture. Both consumers and retailers now expect an abundance of timely and relevant information available to them when searching for products and services on the Internet. If that information is lacking in any way, consumers simply look elsewhere, and retailers don’t believe you exist. In some ways, online presence may be more important than all other forms of advertising due to it’s immediate accessibility.” according to Drew Bourke, vice president of Just Right Products LLC.

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