When Americans try Jollibee

When Americans try Jollibee
Popular pop culture Web site BuzzFeed uploaded a video to YouTube called “Filipino Fast Food Taste Test,” in which a group of Americans try Jollibee items for the first time. The clip is part of a series of videos created by the Web site documenting …
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This Simple Technique Can Supercharge Your Productivity
It's recently inspired several mobile apps and was voted as the most popular productivity method by Lifehacker users a couple years ago. Here's how the Pomodoro Technique works: A pomodoro is an interval of time, traditionally 25 minutes. Set a timer …
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Meet locals, eat their food: New Asian dining trend
PlateCulture is the latest to gain traction out of Asia, following the likes of mealsharing.com, which we wrote about in our best websites for travelers roundup. … The most popular tried-and-tested kitchens are showcased on the homepage under "Our …
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