When Do Babies Become Conscious?

When Do Babies Become Conscious?
This late slow wave may indicate conscious thought, Kouider and colleagues report online today in Science. The wave, feedback from the prefrontal cortex, suggests that the image is stored briefly in the baby's temporary “working memory.” And …
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A Bear's Brain Surgery, Babies' Consciousness and More
In results that seem oddly reassuring, the babies showed the same brain reactions that adults do — a “two-phase pattern that would indicate consciousness,” as the Web site LiveScience put it — but it took them longer to get there. “In 5-month-olds …
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Brain, Mind, & Consciousness Conference
Welcome to the Good Times free Santa Cruz area Community Calendar. Create an account or log in below. Most events under $ 10 will be printed in Good Times. Listings posted here will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours of posting. Have your event …
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